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Applicant Credentials

Building your credentials

Students prepare for a career in dentistry by building credentials in scholarship, leadership, humanitarian/community service, and shadowing (largely with a general dentist) in the various settings of the profession. The dental profession is very demanding and there a no guarantees of success. Many students do not get into dental school the first time that they apply. The traits that predict success in the profession include, high academic aptitude, hard work, the ability to work well with others, good hand-eye coordination, and good judgment.

There is no “best” major for pre-dental students nor are there majors that will make a student “stand out.”  Students are encouraged to pursue majors in which they are most interested. Dental schools do want to see students earning good grades in the pre-requisite courses, especially the upper level science courses. Grade trends do matter, so if a student has one bad semester but their grades improved significantly in the sequential semesters, this shows strong consistent improvement.

What are dental schools looking for?

Dental schools consider the following credentials when evaluating applicants for admission:

  • Academic record (both overall and science GPA)
  • DAT scores
  • Letters of Evaluation (including faculty and a general dentist letter)
  • Exposure to dentist-patient interaction ("shadowing")
  • Volunteering, as well as charitable/altruistic endeavors
  • Research experience (only if you are interested)
  • Leadership abilities
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Evidence of manual dexterity ("are you good with your hands?")

If a student is strongly motivated toward a health science career, enjoys working with people, possess good manual dexterity and is willing to apply the self-discipline and hard work necessary to maintain a competitive academic record, then the student has a realistic expectation for admission to dental school.

Check out ADEA GoDental to learn more about all the factors dental schools consider when making a decision on applicant acceptance and read about their Holistic approach to evaluating applications.

Note: Dental schools may also require background checks of applicants before matriculation.