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Applicant Timeline

Timing in the Application Process

Applying early to a school that receives thousands of applications each year from the entire nation is of utmost importance to minimize the chances of available interview slots being depleted. Completion and submission of all materials in June or early July enhances the chance of admission for each student. By agreement between dental schools, no school may issue an acceptance before December 1st of each year. Many schools begin interviews in the summer (typically August for the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University) and have selected their class or filled most of the seats by December 1st, accepting any remaining seats on a rolling basis thereafter.

Below is a suggested timeline for application to begin Dental School 2018. The official dates have not been announced yet.

Prior to Fall 2016
  • Begin shadowing. Majority of shadowing should be with a general dentist. DCG  expects 300 hours of shadowing, observing, or working in a dental office.
Fall 2016
  • Meet with the predental advisor in the Pre-Health Office typically in fall of 2016, but no later than spring 2017.Sign up for a DENTpinPlan for the DAT – Usually taken late spring/early summer 2017, no later than Sept. 2017 (approximately 15-16 months before expected matriculation).
  • DAT Information
  • ADA website
  • Review the DAT Guide for 2017 (to be released around Dec. 2016), particularly the Scope of the Test. 
  • Note: When you sign up, be ready with names of schools where you want your scores sent.
Early 2017
  • Approach faculty for letters of evaluation early in 2017.
  • Begin gathering materials to enter into your application, writing your personal statement, and asking for your letters of evaluation.  Application instructions are available on the ADEA website.  
May-June 2017 Continue any of the tasks above not yet completed, study for the DAT, and take the DAT before September 30, 2017. 
June 2017
  • Start your AADSAS online application as soon as the application opens about June 1, 2017. Immediately after establishing your account, go to the Transcripts Section and follow directions to have transcripts from all colleges attended sent directly to AADSAS, after grades are posted for spring semester 2017. Discuss with the predental advisor reasons to wait for summer grades. When you are satisfied with your application, you may submit.
  • Completed, submitted (paid) applications should be in AADSAS June/early July 2017. 4-6 weeks required for AADSAS to verify your application and submit it to the schools of your choice.
August 2017 DCG and several other dental schools will begin interviews for students with completed files, including secondary applications. Generally, secondary application requests go out if the school is considering an interview for the student and always before an interview is scheduled.
August-Dec. 2017 Interviews proceed.
December 1, 2017 The first day applicants may receive acceptances. Some schools will have their entire class selected on that day.

After Dec. 1, 2017
Schools with remaining open seats will continue to interview and begin to accept on a rolling basis.

July-Aug. 2018

Dental School Class of 2018 begins.