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Program Information


The Pre-Health Advising Office is a valuable resource of information for students applying to profession programs in health-care, including medical, dental, optometry school or allied-health programs. Students are encouraged to begin meeting with our advisors and attend our orientation sessions as early as freshman year.

The advisors in our office are well-equipped to counsel students and help them navigate the application process for professional school. We also conduct informational sessions for all students, sponsor various programs, and partner with a network of campus-wide advisors as well as a variety of schools and professionals within the health professions.

Freshman & Sophomore Years

  • Focus on Academic Excellence/Relationship Building
    • Select a major that interests you and develop a well-rounded curriculum.
    • Research health profession career options.
    • Focus on maintaining a strong GPA.
    • Get to know your professors, staff and administrators. You will need them for letters of recommendation.
    • Attend a Pre-Health Orientation session for the fields you are interested in (Medical/Dental or Allied-Health)
    • Sign up for the Pre-Health UGA listserv to receive relevant updates and information from our office.
    • Complete first- and second-year coursework for your degree and pre-requisites for intended program.
  • Participate in Extracurricular Activities
    • Public service
    • University activities
    • Shadow a local doctor or other health-care professional.
    • Volunteer/work in a hospital or other medical setting to obtain clinical exposure experience.
    • Explore summer enrichment, research or internship opportunities.

Junior Year

  • Goals:
    • Maintain a strong GPA.
    • Meet with an advisor in the Pre-Health Advising Office to discuss application process and entrance exams.
    • Continue developing and maintaining relationships with faculty, staff and administrators.
    • Contact potential letters of recommendation writers. Continue your clinical/hospital exposure experience and leadership roles.
    • Prepare for entrance exams. Plan to take in Spring of junior year.
    • Start exploring specific schools for the professional program for which you are interested.
    • Explore open house opportunities for schools that interest you.
    • Submit application to the central application service based upon the professional program to which you are applying (e.g., AMCAS, AADSAS, CASPA, etc.) in early Summer between junior and senior year.

Senior Year

  • Goals:
    • If applying for enrollment immediately following senior year, complete secondary applications, and prepare for interviews.
    • Complete degree requirements and apply to graduate.
    • Continue your clinical exposure and volunteer experience.
    • After receiving acceptance letters, pick the best program for you.