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Attend Pre-Health Orientation

Students at the University of Georgia are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation session presented by the staff of the Pre-Health Advising Office. These sessions are now offered during the fall and spring semesters for the following professional schools:

  • Medical and Dental Schools
  • Allied Health Schools (including Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy)
  • Nursing Schools

These presentations outline the function and purpose of the Pre-Health office, as well as how our staff may assist in the professional school application process.

Orientation sessions are divided into two parts:

  • Introductory Orientation (Freshman/Sophomores): provides students with information concerning credential building (pre-requisites, shadowing/volunteering, etc.) before applying to medical and dental school.
  • Applicant Orientation (Juniors/Seniors/Alumni): reviews in-depth information regarding the application process and the time-line for applying.

Students are advised to attend both of the orientation sessions offered, unless they are already beginning the application process, in which case the Applicant Orientation would be more appropriate. Please note that due to the complexity of the nursing school pathways, only one nursing orientation is offered each term; however, this one presentation encompasses the prerequisites and application procedures both for students interested in transferring to a nursing program, as well as those hoping to pursue nursing after graduation from UGA.

Pre-medical students who have questions may email Mr. Jabari Robinson or Ms. Jennifer Letchuk. Pre-dental and pre-optometry students may contact Ms. Amanda Spohn. Pre-Physician Assistant students should contact Ms. Taz Qadri. Pre-Nusing, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, and other pre-allied health students should contact Ms. Caroline Piotrowski

For more information, contact the Pre-Professional Advising Office.  To view upcoming pre-health events, go to the event calendar. Orientations sessions are posted on the event calendar and announced over the Pre-Health list-serv throughout the semester. Orientations are not held during the Summer term.

Orientation Slides

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