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What is Allied Health?


 Allied health is an umbrella term for any healthcare profession distinct from medicine, pharmacy, and nursing. Allied Health careers currently make up 60% of the total US healthcare workforce — and is growing! These careers include physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, anesthesia assistants, and genetic counselors, as well as other areas and specialties

Why choose an Allied Health career?


  • Regular hours; safe, comfortable working condition
  • 50% of occupations earn more than $50,000/annually
  • Demand for allied health careers is growing 2x as quickly as national economy

Location or work setting

  • Different specialties—anesthesiology/surgery, general practice, counseling, etc.
  • Hospitals, small clinics/practices, universities, nursing homes, etc.
  • Need in all parts of the country; Atlanta, South Georgia.

Less school compared with medical school

  • Most programs take ~2-3 years to complete
  • Lower admission requirements

Lower Admission Requirements

  • Average GPA's: ~3.3-3.6 range; GRE required instead of MCAT

Helpful Handouts for Allied Health Students

Helpful PowerPoints for Allied Health Students