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Licensure and Accreditation for Pre-Dental


Although all schools go through an accreditation process and are screened periodically ~ every 7 years.  New or newer schools are more likely to be in progress of full accreditation or in “initial accreditation status.”

Please check this site for each school of interest to you.
ADA Search for Dental Programs


Dental schools in states outside of Georgia may have adopted one of a variety other tests and testing agencies to license dentists in their states.  You may need to undergo additional testing to license to practice in the state of Georgia.  Understanding the three part board exam will contribute to your evaluation of schools. 

Clinical Boards for Licensure

Currently, part one and part two of the licensure boards are national. The clinical board, part three, is not national, but regional or even per state. Please check the following site for the schools in the states of interest.

Georgia Specific Information

Georgia Boards are currently tested by

National Boards

How their students may have fared on the national boards, required to obtain a license to practice dentistry, is an important factor that may be generally difficult to discover.  Some schools take pride in their pass rates on board scores.
For a school-specific example see University of Florida's passage rates here.

Implications of Location -  In addition to whether or not you would enjoy spending four years in the location of a school (snow, mountains, beaches, close to your family), you should estimate if there is extensive patient base available for your clinical years.  As you fulfil your clinical responsibilities you will need to perform a specific number and kind of procedures on patients who have need of the procedure. 

More on Clinical experience - The depth of experience and the confidence you develop in your clinical skills practiced during the clinical program in your ‘pre-professional’ dental school experience may dictate what you do immediately after graduation.  It is important that you know what is expected and offered in the clinical programs at the dental schools you are considering.   For example, how many crowns are required? Will you want to do more? How many will you be able to do?  Will you need an AEP or GPR (example, Colorado) after your four years?

Practice Your Evaluation Skills

ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools has a chapter on “Deciding Where to Apply.” This chapter contains statistics for the class that matriculated the previous fall in the schools where you may apply. You need to consider these figures in depth when making your decision.