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GPAs and Coursework

ADEA AADSAS uses the information which you have entered in the coursework section of your application to calculate several tables of GPAs for each applicant. Please review the ADEA AADSAS Verification Guide: GPA Calculations for futher details. For a list of courses that are considered under the BCP and Science GPA, please refer to the AADSAS course list.

Which GPAs does the AADSAS calculate?

ADEA AADSAS calculates GPA and reports it in a number of ways:

  • BCP GPA: All undergraduate, graduate and cumulative courses identified on transcripts as biology, chemistry or physics.
  • Science GPA: All undergraduate, graduate and cumulative courses identified on the transcript as biology, chemistry, physics or other science.
  • Nonscience GPA: All undergraduate, graduate and cumulative courses not used in calculating the science GPA.
  • Undergraduate GPA: All courses for which undergraduate credit is received.
  • Graduate GPA: All courses for which graduate credit is received.
  • Overall GPA: Includes undergraduate and graduate courses. For most dental school applicants who have not completed graduate courses, the overall GPA is the same as the undergraduate GPA.
  • College/university GPAs: GPAs are reported for each college/university attended.

The following course types are not included in ADEA AADSAS GPA calculations:

  • Advanced Placement/CLEP.
  • Institutional Department Exam.
  • Audit.
  • International Baccalaureate.
  • Incomplete.
  • Pass/fail.
  • Withdraw/withdraw passing.
  • Grades of “P” or “Credit.”

ADEA AADSAS includes all initial and repeated coursework in its GPA calculations.
Grades and credit hours for all failed courses will be included in the ADEA AADSAS GPA, even if they are not included in the GPA calculations of the transcript-issuing institution.

In ADEA AADSAS, repeated courses are factored into the AADSAS GPA calculations. If the applicant received a “F” grade in a course, and repeated the course and received a “B”, both grades will be factored in the AADSAS GPA calculations. AADSAS factors all grades no matter how many times the course was taken. There is no grade replacement.

In ADEA AADSAS, non-major science courses are included in the AADSAS GPA calculations. All GPAs are based solely on the course subject classification (see reference above). Courses classified on the transcript as Biology, Chemistry and Physics are calculated in the BCP GPA calculation. BCP courses plus math and other science based courses (i.e., astronomy, geology, etc.), are calculated in the science GPA, regardless if they are required for the major.

ADEA AADSAS factors all courses into the GPA calculations, regardless of the institution policy or where the course was taken. If the course appears on the official transcript with a grade/credit, it will be included in the ADEA AADSAS GPAs.

In ADEA AADSAS, applicants must enter all courses on the AADSAS application. If a student is in a special academic forgiveness program, AADSAS will factor the grade in the GPA calculation.