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Please note that only you can request a transcript from each school you have attended.  The Premedical Studies Program is not involved with your transcripts nor can we order or receive transcripts.

How to request transcript for AADSAS from UGA Registrar's Office

To request a transcript from UGA Registrar's Office, please follow the instructions at

For AADSAS, you can search for them in the recipient search box and find address information, however, they do not currently have the same type of arrangement that AMCAS does with Parchment.  You would have to upload your attached transcript request form manually and would have to send a paper copy, unless you are given a specific email address from a contact person within their organization.

AADSAS uses your AADSAS number, bar code, and DENTPIN as well to identify you. UGA transcripts must be requested through the UGA Registrar’s Office. Print out an AADSAS matching form containing your this information for each of the schools you have attended (even joint enrollment) and ask the registrar at each college (even joint enrollment college) to include your AADSAS matching form with your transcript. (See transcript matching form on the main menu). AADSAS will not begin processing your application until all transcripts have arrived, making this a good ‘first thing’ to do when you open your application. One missing transcript can mean a delay, missing an application deadline, or allowing other applicants to take interview slots before you. Be sure your spring UGA grades are posted before you send your transcript.

HINT: Requesting a copy of each of your transcripts for yourself will help you accurately fill in your coursework section on the application.

The AADSAS indicates that applicants should be able to see in My Application Status when transcripts have arrived, when the application processing begins, when transcript verification is complete, and when the application information is available to dental schools. Transcript verification means that AADSAS will review your computed GPAs and classes before submitting your application to dental schools. If you think it has been too long since you sent your transcripts and you have checked My Application Status, you may want to check with AADSAS. However, you may expect the verification process to be time consuming. The AADSAS anticipates application processing time as 4-6 weeks.

If you do not find an ID number in AADSAS for UGA, the #001598 has worked in the past.

If you are weighing reasons to delay the submission of your transcripts (e.g., for summer grades or later), please discuss with Amanda Spohn.