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Reapplying to Dental School

Once you are certain that you have not been accepted for the application cycle, make an appointment with either the admissions dean or the staff director of admissions to determine how they believe you may best improve your candidacy. In general, you should expect that some part of your credentials can be strengthened, academic record, DAT score, service to others, leadership, exposure to the dental profession and interacting with patients. Many students who fervently and passionately pursue the areas pointed out to them in these post-rejection interviews are next year’s success stories. The advisors in the Premedical Studies Program counsel with students to help formulate a plan using the admission officers’ suggestions.

Post-Baccalaureate and Non-Thesis Masters

Many times  weaknesses in the candidacy are in the general academic record, the science GPA, or the rigor in the academic record. It behooves this candidate to find a program where she/he may excel in additional coursework similar to that in first year of dental school.  This should lead the student toward academic redemption through biomedically relevant coursework.

As of January 2016, the Pre-Health Advising Office will no longer serve as a repository/submission service for letters of evaluation to dental school. The absence of a "committee" or "pre-dent" letter will not adversely affect a student’s application.

Re-Applicant Letter Packet Procedures

If you are re-applying to dental school and the Pre-Health Advising Office previously “uploaded a letter packet” for you, the office will re-submit the letter packet for you upon request, if no changes or updates to the original letter packet have occurred.  The office will only maintain student files for previous applicants (letter packets) for 5 years; then your file is destroyed. 

If you are requesting updated letters or changes to your original letter packet, please submit the request to return letters form, so the Premed Office can return them to your faculty and staff letter writers. Please note: Revised letters must be submitted directly to AADSAS  by the letter writers. 

How do I Submit my Letters of Evaluation?

Using the Pre-Health Office to submit to AADSAS

You will submit the mailing request form(*required Pre-Health Advising Office document) and send an AADSAS messenger email request to: when the AADSAS application for 2018 is available (~first week of June).

Using Interfolio (recommended)

The UGA Pre-Health Advising Office strongly encourages applicants to use Interfolio to collect and submit their letters of evaluation. With an established Interfolio account, the applicant can have their letters of evaluation submitted directly to AADSAS for a delivery fee. Another advantage of the service is that the letter writer may submit a letter to Interfolio as soon as they establish an account. However, nothing can be submitted to AADSAS until the application cycle opens in early June. Interfolio has 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans for maintaining letters should they be required in the future. According to Interfolio, even if your account expires, the letters will be maintained and you can renew your account any time you are ready.

Cost of Using Interfolio

How to use Interfolio:

To submit letters to AADSASTo submit letters to TMDSAS