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Notification/Traffic Rules

Holding an Acceptance

When an applicant is accepted for admission to medical school they will usually be given two or three weeks to accept the position. This must be confirmed in writing, and most allopathic schools will require a deposit of ~$100. The deposit may be applied to the first term tuition. This deposit is usually fully refunded if a decision is made to attend another school, providing you notify the school from which you are withdrawing in writing by the listed deadline. Multiple acceptances can be held until financial aid ‘packages’ are known. Medical schools may demand a student to choose in May before an August matriculation. Osteopathic medical schools in general require considerably higher deposits, which may be nonrefundable, and some will require "prepayment of first term fees", which may be a few thousand dollars and are due months before the term begins.

Traffic Rules

“To help ensure that all M.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. applicants are provided timely notification of the outcome of their application and timely access to available first-year positions, and that schools and programs are protected from having unfilled positions in their entering classes, the AAMC has distributed recommendations. They are provided for the information of prospective students, their advisors, and personnel at the medical schools and programs to which they apply”.