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Resubmitting Letter Packets

Re-Applicant Letter Packet Procedures

If you are re-applying to a professional school and the Pre-Professional Advising Office previously uploaded a letter packet for you, the office will re-submit the letter packet for you upon request, if no changes or updates to the original letter packet have occurred. The Pre-Professional Advising Office will only maintain student files for previous applicants (letter packets) for 5 years; after which they are destroyed.

If you are requesting updated letters or changes to your original letter packet, please email, so Ms. Pamela Tolbert can return them to your faculty and staff letter writers. Please note: Revised letters must be submitted directly to AMCAS, AACOMAS, or professional schools by the letter writers. 

Using the Pre-Professional Advising Office to Submit Letter Packet to AMCAS

You will email your request to have your letter packet sent, you will need to include the AMCAS Letter request form (available in your AMCAS application). In AMCAS, you will list Pamela Tolbert, (Business Manager) as the contact person and select the "Letter Packet" option.

Using the Pre-Professional Advising Office to Submit Letter Packet to AACOMAS

If you are applying to Osteopathic medical schools; you will email with your request. In addition, you will need to send a letter of recommendation request to from the letters of recommendation section in AACOMAS. You will select the "Non-Committee Letter" option.

Using Interfolio to Submit Letter Packet

Please be aware that Interfolio (an online letter of recommendation document management service) is also an available option for your letter packet submission.

If you choose to have Interfolio submit your letters, you will submit a letter of recommendation request via Interfolio to This will ensure the fastest delivery to Interfolio. With an established Interfolio account, you can direct that your letter packet be submitted to AMCAS, ACCOMAS, or another application service or school for a delivery fee.

Cost of Using Interfolio
How to use Interfolio: