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Applicant Timeline

All optometry schools accept on a rolling basis from the time they begin interviewing. That means as any desirable candidate is interviewed the school will make the decision on that candidate within a short time after the interview. This decision may include scholarships/state scholarship seats. Some schools begin interviews in the late summer. In all cases and regardless of deadlines, interviews will conclude when all seats are full. Therefore, it is important to be ready for the application before it opens. Completion and submission of your OptomCAS application as soon as possible after the application opens enhances the chance of admission for each student. Currently, OptomCAS, Optometry Centralized Application Service, used by all of the schools and colleges of optometry, opens on approximately July 1st each year.

Below is a suggested timeline for application to begin Optometry School 2019

Prior to Fall 2017 By your junior year, shadow an optometrist. Consider exposure to all the settings where the profession is practiced. Concentrate your time with the optometrist who has agreed to write for your application.
Fall 2017 Meet with the preoptometry advisor in the Pre-Health Office, consider where you will apply especially prerequisite courses
Fall 2018 Plan for OAT registration. Should be taken by July 2018, preferably earlier. Register for your OATPIN. Decide how you will prepare for the OAT. Consider Scope of the test, page 6.
Spring 2018

Begin preparing for the OAT.  Begin a study regime early.

Early 2018 Talk to the faculty about recommendation letters. Use the faculty information sheets available at appointment with preoptometry advisor. When considering your letters of evaluation, note the expectations of the schools to which you are applying.  
Around July 1, 2018 OptomCAS opens and accepts applications. Students enter evaluators' information directly into their applications. Under your OptomCAS ID and OATPIN, order your transcripts from all the schools you have attended, even joint enrollment, to be sent directly to OptomCAS.
July 2018

Complete your OptomCAS application. OptomCAS verification process begins with a submitted (paid) application if all transcripts have been received. as soon as it opens, about July 1, 2018.

Schools extend supplemental applications as the students' applications are delivered to them through OptomCAS. Some schools begin interviews.

After interviews, schools accept and grant "in-state" seats and scholarships on a rolling basis.

Sept. 2018-
Feb. 2019

Schools continue interviews as seats are still available.

July 2019

Optometry school starts.