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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pre-Health Advising Office?

The Pre-Health Advising Office at the University of Georgia advises and works directly with UGA students and alumni, providing guidance with the professional school application process. We also work closely with UGA staff and faculty advisors who assist students with UGA course registration.

Importantly, we have recently expanded the scope of our office to include not only pre-med and pre-dental students but any UGA student interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. This includes students interested in becoming physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, etc.

We do not currently assist students interested in pharmacy or veterinary medicine.

Does the University of Georgia have a medical or nursing school?

No. The University of Georgia does not have a medical or nursing school. The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University has a satellite Medical Partnership campus in Athens. Similarly, Augusta University College of Nursing also has an Athens campus.

While many UGA students go on to attend both of these programs, they are not directly affiliated with the University of Georgia and, as such, students apply for admission in the same way applicants would from other insitutions.

I am a new UGA student interested in a healthcare career, what should I do first?

Whether you are a freshman or have recently transferred to UGA, the Pre-Health Advising Office Information handout should provide you with the information you need to get started on that path to a career in healthcare and to effectively utilizing our office.

How do I make an appointment to meet with a Pre-Health Advisor?

If you are a pre-med student, you can schedule an appointment with Jennifer Letchuk or Jabari Robinson.

If you are a pre-dental or optometry student, you can schedule an appointment with Amanda Spohn.

If you are pre-nursing/PT/OT/GC/AA, you can schedule with Mandy Skinner.

If you are pre-PA, you can schedule with Taz Qadri.

Does the Pre-Health Advising Office have walk-in hours?

Yes! And we encourage you to stop by. Here is the schedule for this semester's walk-in hours.

Note: Walk-in's are for quick questions (10-15 minutes max). If you have more than one question or wish to discuss at-length the application process and timeline, you should make an appointment.

Is pre-med or pre-dent, etc. a major at UGA?

No. You cannot major as "pre-medical" or "pre-dental" at UGA. Nor is there any formal pre-med or pre-health program. Instead, we encourage undergraduates to major in the area that they are most interested in. While it is more practical to major in a life or physical science when completing the pre-requisites for medical or dental school, it is not required nor even necessarily recommended. Most admission committees appreciate applicants that have sought out challenges and opportunities to learn and grow while undergraduates, rather than taking the classes applicants feel they are "supposed" to take.

Our office can assist students in deciding on their major and developing their "timeline" for applying to professional school, however, there is no formal process for working with our office. We encourage all students interested in the health professions to make an appointment with our Pre-Health Advisors, drop by walk-in's, and attend our workshops and orientations.

Does the Pre-Health Advising Office write or collect Letters of Evaluation?

No. As of 2016, our office no longer writes, collects, nor submits letters of evaluation for applicants from UGA. Instead, it is up to the student to ask for letters of evaluation and work with their letter-writers to submit them. It is simply not feasible for our office to write good letters of evaluation for every applicant. The absence of a "committee" or "pre-med" will not adversely affect your application.

If a program is asking for a pre-health advisor or pre-med advisor letter, please contact the school to ask what their alternative should be since UGA does not provide this service.

However, we are happy to work with any students that have questions about how many letters they need, who to ask, what should be included in each letter, and how to submit them.  We have created a handout entitled "Guidelines for Letter Writers" that we encourage every student to use when asking for letters of evaluation.